Sunset Fog

We decided to take an evening drive through the mountains after date night dinner Saturday, the 13th of August. I love Summer evenings when the heat of the day begins to dissipate into the night and give into the cool of the evening.
I noticed a bunch of cars parked at this pullout at the crest of the mountains just as we were rounding this curve. I thought, “what’s this all about?” Then, there it was… the scene you see in the image.
I was irresistible. That explained all the cars. I told my husband I wanted to stop and capture it before it disappeared into darkness. I told him to drive ahead to another pullout overlooking this scene. When he did I could barely wait to get my seatbelt off and jump out of the car. I had a couple of choices to capture this. I decided I wanted the fog and the silhouette of mountains. I to stayed there and watched it till it was gone. Once I climbed back into the car it was time for the headlights. It was darkish.

Psalm 96:6 Splendor and majesty are before him;
strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.


About Kimberly

I'm a Christ following wife who loves motorcycling, hanging out with my husband and enjoying adventure.
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