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Limited Time Promotions

Until December 21, 2016, I have two promotions to offer.

The first one is for Heart Of The Matter that can be found here!


The second one is for Autumn Whispers that can be found here!


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The Heart Of The Matter


The winds howl.
The rains fall.
The Christmas season is in full swing.

The Heart Of The Matter is this:
Life goes on.
We somehow seem to pick ourselves up
and dust ourselves off.
We find a way to go on.

This season is no different than any other.

Christmas lights go up and light the world around us.
Christmas trees get put in place and get decorated.
Parties get planned and attended to.

Gifts get exchanged.

There’s one gift, though, that isn’t exchanged, but given.
What is that gift? Tis the reason for the season.

That gift is the gift of salvation, redemption, transformation. We are redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
We are transformed into beautiful souls that go on to bless lives.

Today’s art piece is one of several I will post over the next 2 weeks. Yes, I got behind in the 52-week challenge. I’ll post this one as image 50.

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An Abundant Harvest


You take care of the land and water it; you make it very fertile. The rivers of God are full of water. Grain grows because you make it grow. You send rain to the plowed fields; you fill the rows with water. You soften the ground with rain, and then you bless it with crops. You give the year a good harvest, and you load the wagons with many crops. Psalm 65:9-11

He feeds us! He brings the rain to cause the crops to grow in abundance. There’s plenty for all. Come as you are!

This is image 45/52 week challenge. With Autumn being here many have harvested their crops. Let’s all gather in thanks and celebrate!

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A Different Kind of Supernova


Going through the life.
It is on a superhighway.
All of a sudden there is strife.
Thinking it is time to get off and find the driveway.

The stress is building.
It is compounding by the minute.
All I want to do is (deflect) fielding.
My mind has a limit.

I feel it well up ready to explode.
The exhaustion comes upon me increasingly.
I feel the grip of its stranglehold.

There is nowhere for it to hide.
The heat rises.
Every part is going through a divide.
Here it is; a crisis.

Inevitably, emotion erupts.

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Bright Breeze

The brightness reaches in and gives just a little squeeze.

Once in a while comes a wonderful soft breeze.

It’s emotionally draining to fight it.

Let it just happen and the breeze on the soft petals hit.

That emotion is a burst!

Don’t fight it, baby steps first.

Notice the soft squeeze is God’s way of giving you a hug.

What a wonderful feeling to know He is there, not a thug.

He loves each of us in a way that is bigger than we know.

Jesus, at Calvary, on the cross, was His love for us as He show!

This is image 43 of 52-week challenge. It is also the weekly challenge for an Arcanum multi-cohort.

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Crayons of Yahweh


Crayons are fun. I recall, as a kid, pulling out my favorite coloring book, Pluto, Disney cartoon character, and pick a page to color. Once I decided on the page I would scoop up my box of coloring crayons and study the colors briefly to pick which color I wanted to start with.

Not much different than how I create my art today. I start backward, however. I pick the colors I want to use, first. Then, I pick up my camera. Once I decide the composition for my frame and the technique I would like to use, I then focus on the main point and click the shutter and make art.

Today’s art piece reminds me of all the Autumn colors in the crayon box. I love that Yahweh can breathe such beauty around us. Today’s image also makes me think of Yahweh’s breath blowing like a paint brush of colors and at the end of His breath, the result is this!

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